My Journey as a Parent ‎has been like a kaleidoscope. With every twist and turn, a new pattern emerging, a door closing, moments of helpless despair. 

A chink of light, a glimmer of Hope in a Dark Tunnel is how I would aptly describe my experience of London Learning Centre.

The Speech & Language Therapist has given my son Girivar, the confidence and tools to communicate ‎with those around him on a multi-dimensional level. He can express his needs, feelings, through sounds, gestures and through his imagination. 

I can see my son’s personality has developed considerably and he is socially more interactive and more in touch with his environment . His awareness of people, situations and behavioral response is considerably improved. 

He is excited to go to his sessions and her teaching approach is both comforting and ‎educationally qualitative. 

The Occupational Therapist, has been teaching my son for a shorter period, but it has been very productive. It was indeed serendipitous when I was informed that She had joined the LLC team. My son desperately needed sensory input in several departments. 

His gross motor skills have improved vastly. It is thrilling to watch him ‎zoom around on a scooter board to strengthen his core. 

Thanks to her inputs Girivar sits for a longer time due to prior sensory input.

What I love the most about both of the therapists and London Learning Centre are their efforts to ‎meet Girivar’s school therapists to collect insight into his life outside of their domain and impart and share their knowledge with Girivar’s  school therapists. The common collective goal not being their individual success but the success of the child.

I commend Pooja Talwar on her gargantuan effort in bringing the best to our doorstep in Delhi so my child can receive therapy with a global vision whilst enjoying all the benefits of a loving family and all the festive and cultural aspects of our home country. 

Thank you LLC.  The journey is far from complete, the road is long‎, but with every passing successful milestone….the destination is getting closer. 

– Reshma Punj

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